5 Cheap Destinations in London that Backpackers

England has become a tourist destination for tourists from all over the world, especially London. Even though London is famous for being expensive, it doesn’t discourage tourists from coming there. Even London is in second place as the most popular tourist destination in the world in 2017, according to TripAdvisor.

So what if we want to enjoy the City of London backpacker style without breaking the bank? Check out the following 5 references on how to enjoy the City of London cheaply!

1. Tour The Museum

For backpackers, it is illegal to waste money on unnecessary things. To get around the budget, visiting a museum can be an okay choice. #WTGB, Welcome to Great Britain, a country where many cool museums are located. Moreover, in the City of London, there are many museums, and some of them provide free entry facilities.

Three museums are favorite destinations for tourists, namely the British Museum, the National History Museum, and the Victorian and Albert Museum. Each museum has its charm; for example, the British Museum is the oldest museum in the world which stores various historical objects from around the world. For natural science lovers, you can visit the National History Museum. Meanwhile, for connoisseurs of design and decorative arts, the Victoria and Albert Museum can be their paradise.

2. Trafalgar Square, Alun-Alunnya Kota London

Trafalgar Square is like the square in every city in Indonesia. An open space located in the city center, precisely in the City of Westminster, London. In the center is a statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson flanked by two fountains on either side. Historic old buildings surround Trafalgar Square.

To the north of Trafalgar Square is the National Gallery, an art museum with paintings by famous painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet. Then there is the building of St. Martin-in-the-Fields to the northeast, South Africa House to the east, and Canada House to the west.

Being the heart of London, Trafalgar Square is never empty of visitors. Especially on weekends, we can see various performances as free entertainment here. This city square is often used as a benchmark for tourists from around the world to meet and start their traveling activities in the City of London.

3. Winding Along the Road on the Banks of the River Thames

Walking is the main mode of transportation for backpackers. Apart from having no budget, walking is also effective for enjoying better the panoramas encountered along the way. One of the streets that must be visited when going to London is the road along the banks of the River Thames. This road is also known as the Queen’s Walk. Prepare stamina because this road is quite long.

But don’t worry, the scenery presented along the way will pay for our tiredness. There will be many popular tourist attractions that we will pass by when walking on this Queen’s Walk. For those who want to take selfies with the Big Ben clock, it is recommended to take the opposite side of the Queen’s Walk, where the London Eye is located. We will get the best view of the River Thames, as well as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as a backdrop.

If we want to follow the Queen’s Walk tour route, we can start our journey from Westminster Bridge. We will pass South Bank Lion, Country Hall (London Sea Life Aquarium), London Eye, South Bank Center (there is the Royal Festival Hall, Hayward Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Rooms, and Poetry Library), National Theatre, National Film Institute, Gabriel’s Wharf, OXO Tower and Centre, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, Millennium Bridge and ends at St. Paul’s Cathedral. This #OMGB tour package is complete!

4. Relax in City Park

London has many beautiful city parks; one of the most famous is Hyde Park. The park, which has an area of ​​142 hectares, pampers visitors with various facilities. Not only is it a place for picnics with the family, but various activities can also be done here, such as jogging , cycling, playing tennis, rowing a boat, and horseback riding. Apart from that, there are several interesting spots, including the Welling Arch, Serpentine (artificial lake), Speaker’s Corner, and Princess Diana Memorial Fountain.

Many other parks are no less beautiful than Hyde Park. There is Kensington Park which is located adjacent to Hyde Park. Regent’s Park, Richmond Park (here we can see deer roaming freely), St. James’s Park, Victoria Park, and Hampstead Heath, where wide green fields stretch, are perfect for relaxing and kite flying.

5. Hanging out at the Market

Eitss, don’t get me wrong, the market in London is, of course, different from the markets in Indonesia. Markets in London can be a cool hangout for young people, one of which is Camden Market. Camden Market is a one-stop place for eating and shopping. We can have a culinary tour here and try various kinds of delicious food without being afraid of being expensive.

When we are full, we can walk around the market and visit stands selling antiques, clothes, knick-knacks, and souvenirs. What’s more, the price is negotiable!

Apart from Camden Market, several markets are famous for being cheap and a destination for tourists who want to shop. Borough Market is a paradise for foodies; Portobello Market is the center for antiques, and Covent Garden is the right place if you are looking for fresh fruits and vegetables in London.

Of course, several things need to be considered when traveling, such as making an itinerary, controlling expenses, especially when shopping, so that you stay on a budget, and always being careful when you are in a crowd.

So what after knowing the references above? I don’t think you need to worry about spending a lot if you want to travel to London. What are you waiting for, Come onKeUK and explore the City of London like a backpacker above!

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