5 Strongest And Coolest Ultraman Of All Time

Many people, especially those who went through a memorable childhood in the ’80s and ’90s, must be familiar with the figure of Ultraman. The Japanese giant hero character whose duty is to protect the earth from evil monsters certainly has a special place in the hearts of this generation. Starting from the classic series trending in the late 80s to early 90s, they have an inherent charm with their characteristics.

Throughout its history, Ultraman has had several versions of different characters with different unique powers. Every generation has its favorite Ultraman character. Approximately, which character was your favorite at that time?

1. Ultraman Taro, a character with a distinctive head shape like a bull’s horn

Of the many Ultraman characters, this Taro has one of the most distinctive characteristics that sets him apart. The shape of its head, which resembles a bull’s horn, makes it easy for fans to remember. If you still remember, this Ultraman Taro figure is the sixth generation ever launched by the maker. The name Ultraman Taro existed and was on the air in Indonesia from 1996 to 1997. At that time, the enemies Taro faced were no longer random, you know!

2. The compact duo Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul

Many say that Gaia and Agul are a complete package that complement each other. However, at first in the series only Ultraman Gaia appeared. As time went on, the character Ultraman Agul suddenly appeared in a similar series. Both existed in Indonesia in 1998 ago. The thing that makes Ultraman Agul interesting is his principle of wanting to save the earth but not the humans. It’s really complicated, just the way of thinking 🙁

3. Ultraman Nexus, a character that can evolve costumes and shapes up to 3 times

You could say that often what gives rise to Ultraman Nexus is a little different from other Ultraman series. The reason is, only in the Nexus series is the storyline not only limited to fighting monsters but also with drama and twists and turns of love. Uniquely, this Nexus character can evolve up to 3 times. So exciting!

4. Ultraman Dyna, a character that appears in the modern era

Released in the early 2000s, Ultraman Dyna has many fans to this day. Its appearance is much more interesting because it has entered a more modern era. The moves and powers that were released by the character Dyna at that time already had specifications that were quite different from the previous characters. Even though his costume seems old school, Ultraman Dyna is one of the legendary Ultraman characters, especially in Indonesia.

5. Ultraman Tiga, has a unique ability that can change the color of his costume

Talking about Ultraman’s character, it seems incomplete if you don’t include Ultraman Tiga. This character has unique abilities when compared to other types of Ultraman. Not only that, the Ultraman Tiga series is also considered one of the most interesting and exciting.

So, those are some of the strongest and coolest Ultraman characters in Indonesia. Each of these Ultraman types certainly had their fanbase at their time. In fact, until now there are still many adults who are still fans of the old-school superhero, you know.

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