5 Tips for Climbing Mount Salak to be Safe & Smooth

Mountain climbing is not a lifestyle that everyone can do. Climbing is easy, but the essence and the process, not everyone can achieve it. Yes, because not everyone can understand what is not allowed and what is prohibited when climbing. Lack of knowledge about climbing the mountain will endanger you and your entourage.

This time Hipwee Travel will invite you to get to know Mount Salak better, along with tips before climbing there. You and your climbing group members need to know everything about Mount Salak before heading there!

About Mount Salak

This mountain, located between Bogor Regency and Sukabumi Regency, is 2,211 meters above sea level. Due to its old age, this mountain underwent various changes, resulting in the birth of three peaks on Mount Salak. The first peak is named Puncak Salak 1 (2,211 masl), then there is Puncak Salak II (2,180 masl), and the third peak is Puncak Sumbul (1,926 masl).

It is recorded that this mountain experienced several eruptions starting in the 1600s. Precisely in 1668-1699, 1780, 1902-1903, 1935, and finally in 1938. After several explosions, Mount Salak seemed to be fertile again. Almost the entire area is planted with dense trees, so it is common to cover the view of the planes passing over it.

Mount Salak Hiking Tracks

Mount Salak, which is famous for being haunted and complex, does have a track that is not easy. Therefore, not too many climbers are willing to spend their weekends here. It’s better to go to Mount Gede or Pangrango, which are much higher than Mount Salak.

However, if you are a true adventurer, you can follow several paths that you can take to reach the top of Salak. You can start your ascent from the Giri Jaya route (Curug Pilung) or through the Pasir Reungit route (Bogor). If you want a better and faster way, you can take the Cidahu route (Sukabumi) and the Kutajaya route (Cimelati).

Guardian of Mount Salak

Mbah Idim Dimyati, the caretaker of the Sacred Cemetery on Mount Salak, said that anyone who wants to climb this mountain must first ask permission for their safety.

It’s nothing, except that Mount Salak, which is not much tall compared to other mountains in West Java, has a magical power that cannot be accepted by logic because this mountain seems to have a magnetic force that appears to be able to attract any object that is above its territory.

Like several plane crashes that have occurred on the body of Mount Salak, the proof. This is believed to be a magical power that exists on Mount Salak. When you climb, take the time to pilgrimage to the graves of Kyai Eyang Santri and Muhammad Hasan Basri bin Bahaudi bin Mbah Gunung.

The myth of Mount Salak

Apart from the sacred graves of Kyai Eyang Santri and Muhammad Hasan Basri, commonly known as Mbah Gunung (Salak), the community was shocked by discovering a wild boar the size of a Trenton truck! There is also a golden snake, believed to be the mountain’s guardian, which has shown its figure.

In addition, according to myths circulating in society, this mountain is a place of meditation and the residence of Padjadjaran warriors and influential people with high knowledge in the past. Isn’t it terrifying when you meet these figures?

Abstinence when climbing Mount Salak

Mbah Idim also stated that survivors who want to climb Mount Salak should not be arrogant by taking the mountain lightly. , You need to obey restrictions like picking orchids along the way and asking about salak fruit. When you can’t accept and follow the rules, you will repeatedly walk around where you stand. It’s like being played everywhere.

There was once a strange incident when a climber got lost in the Mount Salak area, even though the climber’s position was still close to residential areas. Some climbers are severely dehydrated while the water source is beside them. But it’s as if they can’t see what’s around them because they violate the existing rules.

So, that’s a little review about Mount Salak that you need to know before exploring it. To make your climb successful, be an intelligent climber!

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