7 Best Hotels for Staycation in Semarang

Traveling now is not just going to tourist spots. There are many interesting things besides tourist attractions. Maybe just hanging out at cafes, trying typical culinary delights, to the latest trends, and staycations at hotels. Wow, it turns out that many want to go on vacation just to ‘lay down’ at the hotel while taking beautiful photos there.

It’s undeniable, nowadays there are lots of unique hotels that offer visual beauty, or the cool term is Instagramable. The requirements for a popular hotel in today’s digital era, are not only clean and have a strategic location, but also beautiful to the eye and can be a photo spot.

Hotel Recommendations for Staycation in Semarang

In the city of Semarang, you don’t want to be left behind, many beautiful Instagramable hotels have sprung up. This time, Hipwee Travel will review the best hotels for Instagramable staycations in Semarang.

1. Hotel Pantes, or called Hot Pants

Hotel Pantes has a unique nickname, Hot Pants, which is short for its name. Just like the name Hot Pants itself is also unique. In every corner, Hotel Pantes tries to make Instagramable spots.

There are many unique wooden interiors. In the lobby and restaurant, Hotel Pantes has lots of prints affixed to the walls, but in the rooms, the designs tend to be minimalist and cool.

2. Rooms Inc

By the 0O image in its name, Rooms Inc. has a sunrise and sunset philosophy. The goal is for guests staying at Rooms Inc to start the day happy and end the day with a peaceful rest in a Rooms Inc room.

Rooms Inc’s interior is the same color as the sun, bright yellow mixed with black. Rooms Inc. itself has a good location in the center of Semarang City and the lobby is one with a cafe that is no less Instagramable.

3. Hotels and art at Artotel Gajah Mada Semarang

The Artotel hotel chain is famous for its art hotels. Just like other Artotel hotels, Artotel Gajah Mada Semarang is also decorated with unique and interesting artwork, and of course, it is very Instagramable suitable for those who want a staycation in Semarang.

The building was designed by architect Andra Matin, while the artists whose works have decorated Artotel Gajah Mada are Eko Nugroho, Bunga Jeruk, Ummi Damas, Zaky Arifin, Diela Maharani, and Horestes Vicha.

4. Hotel Wimarion

The location of the Wimarion Hotel on Jalan Kawi, the upper part of Semarang, makes the air cool. If it’s hot with Semarang air, it’s better to stay here. Resto Wimarion is also designed to make your eyes cool with the many elements of leaves and plants that have been hitting lately. Hotel Wimarion also has an infinity pool with a view of Semarang below.

5. All Stay Hotel Semarang

All Stay Hotel Semarang has a simple design with art deco nuances. The building and its interior tend to be natural tones with warm brown undertones. For the size of the hotel, the rooms are quite spacious.

All Stay Hotels are suitable for staycations and places to stay with family or a large group. Lots of cool corners for photo spots too, you know.

6. Hotel Oak Tree

Staying at Oak Tree is not like staying in Semarang City. The location is a bit hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, but not too far from the city. Hotel Oak Tree sort of has its location with its green gardens. All of the designs are warm tones with wooden and plant ornaments.

7. Ha-Ka Hotel Semarang

Ha-Ka Hotel Semarang has a complete package. It has a strategic location, clean rooms, fairly complete facilities, and a minimalist, Instagramable appearance. Every corner of the Ha-Ka hotel, starting from the lobby, restaurant, and hallways, to the hotel rooms, gives a minimalist but beautiful impression. The design, which deliberately allows sunlight to enter, adds to the beauty of the Ha-Ka Hotel.

So, if you want to go to Semarang to try a staycation at these unique hotels, it’s possible. It doesn’t have to be any time soon. Just save this Hipwee Travel review. Later, if there is a promo, just book immediately.

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