A human rights organization comments on the teachers’ strike…it considered it a “historic precedent” and a response to the “tragic situation of education” – Al-Youm 24

The National Society for the Defense of Human Rights in Morocco announced its solidarity with the striking professors, considering their strike a “historic precedent” and a response to “the state lifting its hand from the education and health sectors.”
The association said, in a statement, that this protest movement, in which women and men of education are involved, is considered “unprecedented in the contemporary history of Morocco, whether in terms of its independence from the classical union framework, or in terms of its size and forms of struggle in quantity and quality, or in terms of its continuity over time.” “.
The same source stressed that “the only solution to this crisis situation is to withdraw the ominous basic system, and meet all the demands of women and men in education,” expressing, in the same context, “denunciating and condemning the uncalculated and provocative statements of the government through its ministers, which will only worsen the situation.” And it pushes this country into the unknown.”
The association pointed out that this social movement, although it “raises the slogan of rejecting and confronting the new basic system, its deeper reasons lie in the tragic situation Moroccan public schools have reached today.”
The human rights body criticized what it called “the gradual lifting of the state’s hand from strategic sectors, including education,” in “compliance with the dictates of international financial circles,” considering it “an ill-considered adventure with the future of this country.”
In the same context, the National Coordination for the Education Sector in Morocco continues to go on a national strike for three more consecutive days this week, starting from Tuesday until next Thursday.
In parallel with this strike, protesters are organizing vigils and protest marches in front of the regional directorates of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, in addition to stopping work for an hour during break times on Monday and next Friday.
The coordination, which includes 33 coordination committees, explained that “the government and the ministry, in light of the congestion experienced by the education sector in Morocco, deal with the logic of indifference to the educational demands of working people of all categories.”

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