A human rights organization complains of “restriction” and demands that it be “empowered” with organizing rights – Al-Youm 24

The Moroccan Commission for Human Rights complained of being “deprived of its legitimate rights, represented by its legal existence, depriving it and a group of its branches of deposit receipts, and restrictions on its activities during recent years.”
In a statement, the Commission announced the establishment of the “Committee to Support the Moroccan Commission for Human Rights,” after a coordination meeting it held with human rights organizations, networks, and civil coordination, to study “the violations that hinder the Commission’s holding of its third national conference,” and to discuss what it called “the violations committed by the Commission.” Against the Authority, and violating its rights to organize and assemble.”
The communication said that the Commission is formed from the existing frameworks (associations, networks, organizations…) and is open to civil society organizations and all legal forces to join and show solidarity in order for the Commission to exercise all basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the Law of Associations, and other laws.
The Commission demanded that it be empowered with “its right to obtain the legal deposit receipt and to hold its next conference at the specified time,” declaring its readiness to “prepare an extended struggle program until all the legitimate demands of the Commission are achieved on the horizon of holding its next conference, and to practice its activities with complete freedom.”
The Commission has previously said in previous communications that it faces “restriction, siege, and prevention from holding its third national conference next December 1, 2, and 3,” the latest of which is “the refusal of the Bouznika Presidency to receive the notification that the conference will be held in the youth space in Bouznika.”
The Commission indicated that this ban is in addition to “the deprivation of legal status since its second conference and over a period of four years,” pointing out that the goal of this is “to abort the conference’s station and confuse the preparation work undertaken by the preparatory committee delegated by the National Council.”
The same source stressed that what the human rights organization was exposed to was considered “a violation of the law, a violation of the right to organize, and the targeting of women and human rights defenders,” stressing that the conference “will take place within its deadlines, even in the public street, against restrictions and prevention of women and human rights defenders from using Public hall space.
The Human Rights Commission called on institutions related to human rights; Such as the Ministerial Delegation for Human Rights, the Mediator, the National Council for Human Rights, as well as the Parliament Institution, in order to intervene to stop what it called the “violations” to which it was exposed.

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