A military man was sentenced on Sakhalin for refusing to participate in the North Military District | November 21, 2023

“For committing a crime under Part 2.1 of Art. 332 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (failure to comply with an order), the serviceman was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 2 years 10 months to be served in a general regime correctional colony. The serviceman was taken into custody in the courtroom,” the statement said.

The court hearing established that on July 25, the military man refused to carry out the order of the unit commander, according to which two days later he had to leave for the special operation zone in Ukraine to participate in hostilities. The next day, he again refused to carry out the commander’s order, this time in the presence of his colleagues, trying to find support from them. As witnesses in the case testified, this contributed to the commission of similar crimes by other servicemen who had previously not dared to commit such acts.

The court recognized the fact that the crime was committed during the period of mobilization as an aggravating circumstance.

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