A Moroccan center warns against blackmailing Moroccan women on websites and warns against encouraging “electronic prostitution” – Today 24

The Moroccan Center for Protection from Electronic Extortion warned of the encouragement of websites for “electronic prostitution,” through “intermediaries who work comfortably in the field, which threatens family security.”

The center revealed, in a report, the targeting of “Moroccan women through closed women’s groups through posts suspected of being legalized electronic prostitution under the banners of work or ‘I will serve from your home’,” noting “the growing phenomenon of human trafficking electronically and the convenience with which these fake accounts operate.”

The same source said that these accounts “each time carry a specific name, and the times and pages of publication are carefully selected so that the goal is achieved, luring the largest number of women and convincing them of the necessity of joining work within the network.”

According to the report, the center monitored “more than once the presence of suspicious posts within women’s groups without the people in charge of managing these pages being aware of the seriousness of what was published,” noting that the matter relates to “electronic prostitution networks with intermediaries, intermediaries, and multiple masks and hats that prey on their victims within Facebook pages.” “Women.”

The center alerted to “human trafficking crimes, and the crimes of blackmail, defamation, threats, and publishing shameful matters that could result from it,” calling for “monitoring such posts and prosecuting their owners.”

In the same context, parliamentarian Naima Al-Fathawi, in a written question she addressed to Abdel-Wafi Laftit, alerted me regarding the growing phenomenon of electronic prostitution and the luring of women through multiple blog posts and under various reasons.

The parliamentarian called on the Minister of the Interior to open an investigation into these blogs and hold their owners accountable for their real goals and intentions, wondering what measures the ministry will take to open an investigation into these blogs and hold their owners accountable for their real goals and intentions.

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