A narcologist on the advice to “lubricate” the stomach with oil before drinking alcohol: it’s all for fools

Narcologist Vasily Shurov in a conversation with Pravda.Ru, he told how to minimize the damage to the body from drinking alcohol.

The narcologist advised to stop drinking alcohol, but for those for whom this advice is not suitable, he gave other recommendations.

“Do not drink on an empty stomach, first eating – this slows down absorption, do not drink carbonated alcohol, which quickly hits you in the head, makes you intoxicated, therefore, stretch, do not drink in one gulp, do not chase after an alcoholic in a company who is toasting and pouring drinks for everyone,” – said the expert.

The doctor also criticized the advice to eat fatty foods before drinking alcohol.

“This will be a double blow to the pancreas. The combination of alcohol and fatty foods increases the risk of acute pancreatitis with the outcome in pancreatic necrosis, where we have a mortality rate of 75%. Therefore, this fatty food, as they say: “Eat a piece of butter, it will lubricate the walls of your stomach” – “This is all mumbo-jumbo for fools who don’t understand how our digestive system works,” the doctor explained.

Shurov calls for alternating active recreation and feasting.

“I danced, went out, got distracted. How are our people? They sit at the table, as if they were glued to the “Moment”, gorge themselves, get drunk, and then quickly this food euphoria, alcoholic, the cattle are carried away. There is no need to consume in this mode,” – the narcologist explained.

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Author Elena Bylkina

Elena Bylkina – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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