A new mayor of Fkih Bensalah was elected on Tuesday after a series of controversial postponements – Youm 24

The authorities decided Local in Jurist We reconcile, Postpone practical election president And an office New ones For a group Jurist son righteous, to day Tomorrow TuesdayAfter it was scheduled today, Monday, to hold a final session to elect a new president to succeed Mohamed Mabadie.

And just sourcestoday 24″, Lost Decide delay practical The election, To complete Arrangements related to the election process, without clarifying the nature of these arrangements, especially And that during session Coming It will be done Decisiveness Final in presidency the Council.

AndPreviously The session was postponed twice Because of absence non completion Quorum Legal To convene Course.

And it was The authorities postponed practical Vote Wednesday the past Puppies non Presence 17 A member from the Council, between them Candidate Perfection Saved The leader At a party the gathering the National For free people .

And it was Traveler irons, member community on party independence, And his candidate To get Position president This is amazing community, may be Confirm in a permit former Fortoday24″, that delay election president New For the groupcame after Absent Perfection Saved that nominate also For this Position While civilized region 17 member, And he disappeared17 others between them Candidate The mentioned“.

Referred to that the room Misdemeanor With a court Appeal At home white, She was may be I decided tracking Creative in condition Arrest, on background Follow him from Okay dissipation And embezzlement funds generality.

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