A one-year-old child died after being attacked by his mother in the Murmansk region


20.11.2023 21:06

In the Murmansk region, a 20-year-old girl brutally dealt with her one-year-old son.

The incident occurred on Sunday in the city of Apatity. REN TV writes about this with reference to its own source.

According to the TV channel, the attack was caused by a child’s scream. The child cried in the crib, which caused aggression on the part of the mother. The girl struck all parts of the boy’s body.

On Monday morning, the baby’s condition worsened. Only then did the parents decide to call an ambulance. By the time paramedics arrived, the child was already dead.

The 20-year-old mother and the 19-year-old head of the family have already come to the attention of law enforcement officers for failure to fulfill parental responsibilities. It is noted that the couple have a 3-year-old son. After the tragedy, the boy was taken from his parents.

Author Irina Alimkina

Irina Alimkina – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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