A union urges parents of students to participate in protests against the basic system of the education sector – Today 24

The National Education Union (Democratic Labor Confederation) called on mothers, fathers, and guardians of students to understand the nature of what it called “the educational movement,” and to participate in “the regional marches for next December 3,” in order to “defend the public school, and the right of Moroccan girls and boys to Good, free public education for all.”

The union said in a letter addressed to the mothers, fathers and guardians of students, today, Monday, that “the public school is experiencing a dangerous turning point that threatens education as a public service, due to the accumulation of failure in all reforms since independence until today,” and it explained this as “the absence of a real political will for the state and its governments.” successive reforms, which are content only with the rhetoric of reform without taking concrete measures or providing the necessary material capabilities for it.”

She pointed out that “the state’s choice has been clear since 2007 to encourage private education by granting privileges and tax exemptions to private school owners, as well as the trend towards instilling vulnerability in employment in a strategic sector such as education, based on the contracting plan since 2016 and stipulating the contribution of families to financing education in the framework law.” .

She criticized the government’s issuance of the “status decree for employees of the Ministry of National Education,” and considered it, “a regressive decree that does not answer the educational expectations of the working people, does not unite them, or motivate them, and is another nail hammered into the body of the public school.”

The union described the unprecedented tension that education workers are experiencing as an “educational movement,” which, according to it, comes “to restore respect to the public school, with students, women and men in education at its heart.”
She stressed that “the first and last responsibility for wasting school time is the ministry and the government, because they follow the policy of deaf ears.”

The National Education Union, affiliated with the Democratic Confederation of Labor, announced that it will organize popular regional marches on December 3, 2023, to emphasize that all groups of the Moroccan people are concerned, along with women and men of education, in defending public schools.

It also decided to open consultations with all national bodies and organizations, associations of mothers, fathers and guardians of students, and civil society organizations, to unify the vision and perception to confront all plans targeting the public school.

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