A well-known celebrity used to dubai for HUF 7 million – said a concerned sex worker after an interview with Zita Görög

After Zita Görög spoke about sex workers in Dubai, a concerned woman came forward.

Photo: Giuseppe CACACE / AFP

Greek Zita a He gave an interview to Telexin which he said that celebrity girls who call themselves models actually live in Dubai, that is, they sell their bodies to millionaires in the Arab city.

After that, an anonymous sex worker a He told Blikk, that you can also work through an agency, but one of my friends organized me – a girl involved told our paper. – I take on roughly one or two partners per month, from which I earn enough money to live in luxurious conditions. The income largely depends on what one undertakes.

Sheiks often rent out a girl for several weeks, for which they pay up to HUF 12 million. But they occasionally sacrifice 10-12 million to satisfy a grosser perversion. They don’t necessarily pay in cash, they often give jewelry, diamonds, or a Rolex watch as a gift, since we can get through the border without being noticed.

“For example, I know that one well-known celebrity can be rented out for seven million forints a month, and on such occasions, of course, he stays out of Dubai all the time. As far as I know, it also happened to him that he received nearly four million forints for two or three days.”

– said the woman, who claims that the customers are not only Arab sheikhs, as Russian and American businessmen also often travel to Dubai for the girls.

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