A well-known Hungarian billionaire businessman is also involved in the bribery case of the Ministry of Agriculture

The name of a well-known Hungarian billionaire businessman and a Swiss bank account linked to him were also found in the Ministry of Agriculture’s abuse case, which is being discussed at the Székesfehérvár Court, wrote Direkt36.

Photo: Pixabay

János Nagy, the former deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, is the prime suspect in the criminal case.

Nagy was accused by the prosecutor’s office of having paid HUF 2.2 billion to two law firms, which, according to the prosecutor’s office, did not perform any meaningful work. By the way, János Nagy is also in court in another case for official bribery, which is related to the fact that he suddenly had to leave his position as deputy state secretary after 2.5 years.

The money was received by law firms, the heads of which were also accused alongside János Nagy. They transferred significant sums of money to a Swiss bank account through a company in Budapest.

The account was owned by a Panamanian offshore company linked to a Hungarian billionaire businessman, Kristóf Nobilis.

The personality of Kristóf Nobilis is doubly interesting, because one of his sons, Márton Nobilis, was the minister’s chief of staff when the money was transferred, and is currently the state secretary in the same position.

By the way, the judge read out that the owner of the Swiss account is the Panamanian offshore company Robson Holding & Finance Corp., registered in 2007, and the Hungarian authorities requested the documents from Switzerland. Kristóf Nobilis is an official of Robson authorized to sign, that is, he acts on behalf of the company.

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