About 50 students were arrested in medical colleges due to strikes, and there is no solution in sight – Al-Youm 24

A source from the Medical Students Coordination Department reported that the number of arrests to which student representatives were subjected to in various colleges of medicine and pharmacy in Morocco amounted to about 50, in the context of the college administration’s pressure on students to return to school, after a 3-month hiatus.

According to the source who spoke to Al-Youm 24, some students were arrested for one year and others for two years, but the source reported that the arrest decisions were not reached in a legal manner until they were appealed. The detainees were charged with incitement to strike.

This comes at a time when the administration of the faculties of medicine and pharmacy in Morocco simultaneously decided to dissolve all offices of the faculties of medicine that represent students.

These decisions have created a state of tension among the students who insist on continuing the strikes, but they have not yet announced how they will deal with the issue of suspensions.

A government source explained to Al-Youm 24 that the Ministries of Higher Education and Health decided to stop holding dialogue meetings with students, after holding dialogue sessions with student representatives that did not lead to any results, and that the option of a white year has become an option, holding responsibility for the students who refuse to return to their seats. the study.

Medical college students are demanding that the government withdraw from teaching medicine over a period of 6 years and return to the 7-year system. They also oppose increasing the number of student seats in medical colleges because this has led to overcrowding.

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