“Absurd, lying, hypocritical procedure” – Anna Donáth is reminded of the pardon case by the “vile and lying” procedure of the Hungarian Reformed Church

Anna Donáth, president of Momentum, reacted to the news that Zoltán Balog may remain the head of the Hungarian Reformed Church.

Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák

As we reported, Zoltán Balog called together the deacons of the Reformed Church by Tuesday morning to report on the grace scandal, or, as he put it, “to discuss and respond to the attacks on the church.” Balog announced in a video message, bthey voted for him, it also turned out that he supported K. Endre getting a pardonbut he said he made a mistake and apologizes for it.

Anna Donáth is reminded of the clemency case by the Hungarian Reformed Church’s “vile and lying” procedure.

But if Zoltán Balog was not at all involved in K. Endre’s pardon case, why did they vote on him? And if he was involved, why was he voted on and not dismissed?

– asked the president of Momentum.

Absurd, lying, hypocritical procedure. Excluding the public. It reminds me a lot of the pardon process.

He emphasized:

As a pastor, Zoltán Balog asked for mercy from a pedophile helper. Zoltán Balog attended the state awarding of the director of the pedophile institute in Bicske as a pastor. We will never forget this.

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