According to Szilárd “Rezsiszilárd” Németh, they would introduce their new rubber bone law this week

Szilárd “Rezsiszilárd” Németh, who for some time vegetated as the Party’s lost child – although he was obviously fed up – with the Fidesz utility cuts, is now trying to get back on the field with big news.

Smoothed out. Source: Facebook

Németh shared with his followers on Facebook that “the package of laws for the protection of sovereignty will be the main menu of the week” in the Parliament. This is the bill whose draft was announced by Máté Kocsis, Fidesz faction leader inherited from MIÉP, back in September.

Since then, Fidesz politicians have regularly threatened him, although the exact content is a mystery – writes hvg.

Prime Minister Gergely Gulyás promised in one of the government briefings almost a week ago that the proposal would be submitted to the parliament, but this has not happened since then. According to János Bóka, the former SZS’s minister responsible for European affairs, the bill has been prepared, but is still subject to debate, which is why it has not yet been brought before the parliament –

Bóka, who is begging for EU funds in Brussels, would benefit from the law in his negotiations about as much as a forest fire would to a squirrel.

Viktor Orbán, who pampered Putin in Beijing about the sovereignty law, also said that he expects “big debates” in the parliament during its discussion.

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