Adaptation of a first-grader: advice from specialists and parents


09.18.2023 18:23

A little more than two weeks have passed since the beginning of the school year, and first-graders are already starting to get used to school life. Some children do this easily, while others may take longer. In this context, experts and parents share tips on how to adapt children to a new environment.

According to News of the Moscow regionpsychologists note that the adaptation process for a first grader may take varying amounts of time, depending on the individual characteristics of the child. The first days and months of primary school are meant for children to get used to their new class, teacher and classmates. No grades are usually given during this period.

Specialists recommend that parents listen carefully to their children and try to understand their feelings and concerns about school. It is important to help children maintain a consistent daily routine, including time for rest and play. If a child has problems or fears related to school, parents should maintain a dialogue and try to understand the reasons for them.

For a gentler adaptation, children should understand that school can be an interesting place. Parents can tell their children funny stories about their school years, sharing fond memories. It is important to create a positive attitude towards learning and show that new knowledge is interesting.

Preservation of familiar ritualsactivities such as walks and games also help children adapt. It is recommended to maintain stability in the rhythm of the day and pay attention to even the small victories and achievements of the child.

If children have serious adaptation problems, it is necessary to seek help from a child psychologist to understand the situation and help the child successfully overcome difficulties.

10 tips for parents of first-graders. School adaptation for first graders

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