Al-Omran Group announces an advanced digital platform to sell 26,000 of its residential products – Today 24

Al-Omran Group announced today, Tuesday in Rabat, the launch of a digital transformation, to better provide its services, through a new digital platform to serve customers.
The platform allows the display of 26,000 residential products, including plots of land, apartments, and shops throughout the national territory.

Hosni Al-Ghazawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Al-Omran Development Group, said in a press interview this morning that the digital platform provides three types of services. The first is the service of special sales offers for Al-Omran real estate, and access to all of the group’s products, prices, and location.
The second is the possibility of placing a complaint on the platform, and third is the possibility of evaluating the performance of the agency with which the customer dealt.
Al-Ghazawi added that the administration is working on a fourth service, which is the possibility of going to any nearby agency to complete the sale process. For example, the project could be in the south, and the citizen resides in Nador, so he can go to the agency in his city. According to Al-Ghazawi, this service is in the process of preparation, like the signature service in the presence of a notary, which is being prepared.
He said that the aim of the platform is to enhance transparency, embody the policy of proximity, and place the citizen at the center of the Urban Group’s attention.

The Omrane Group’s “purchase support platform, unprecedented in Morocco,” allows the citizen, through a geographical map, to visualize the location, consistency, price, etc., of the properties available for sale to the public by the group and choose what suits him from them. In addition, with the aim of better serving citizens and getting closer to them, the group’s statement says, “They can complete the purchase process at the group’s sales office of their choice anywhere in Morocco.”

According to the group’s statement, the Omrane Group’s new purchase support platform ( allows Moroccans around the world and citizens residing in Morocco to access online and in real time to all of the group’s products available for sale to the public, including land plots, residential units and commercial buildings in all regions. Throughout the national territory, “ensuring citizens of complete transparency and further facilitating the process of identifying properties that meet their requirements.”
In addition, the new platform integrates a range of other functions designed to diversify and improve the quality of service provided to citizens, including managing and tracking complaints to ensure their satisfaction and collecting their evaluation of the customer experience within the group’s commercial agencies, in order to involve citizens in identifying targeted measures to improve customer relations.

This is the first press conference organized by Hosni Al-Ghazawi, who was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Collective Board of Directors of the Urban Development Group, on May 19, 2023, where he explained that he is in the process of developing a new urban strategy that puts the citizen at the heart of the group’s concerns.

Al-Ghazawi previously served as Acting Director-General of the Marchica Med Africa Agency in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), in 2017, then President and Director-General of the Oued Martil Plain Development Agency, Tetouan. He also held the position of Managing Director of Bouregreg Culture and Bouregreg Marina at the Bouregreg Banks Development Agency.

Al-Ghazawi said that this project comes “in line with the high guidelines of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, calling for placing the citizen at the heart of national policies,” as well as with the policy and work of the Ministry of National Territorial Preparation, Construction, and Housing and the city’s policy aimed at strengthening the social state that guarantees the constitutional right. In adequate housing and ensuring sustainable and comprehensive territorial development.

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