Alexey Navalny greets the New Year from prison with a “frosty hug and a round-the-clock greeting”

Russian opposition leader Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny sent a message from the Arctic Wolf penal camp beyond the Arctic Circle.

Navalny should serve nearly thirty more years in the prison of Orbán’s master, based on trumped-up charges. Source: Youtube

Navalny misses his family terribly, but he is still “great and in a very Christmas spirit”, he said in his New Year’s Eve message sent from prison – reports CNN.

Voluntarily returning home to Putin’s clutches after being treated by lifeguards in Germany, Navalny does not feel lonely or isolated, but he misses the communication of his people.

He ended his message by wishing everyone a happy new year and sending “frosty hugs and Arctic Circle greetings.”

At the beginning of December, Navalny disappeared from his prison, no one knew where he might be. The lawyer was taken to a prison near the Arctic Circle.

The Russian opposition leader has been in prison since January 2021, serving an 11-and-a-half-year sentence for parole violations, fraud and contempt of court. And in August, he received another 19-year prison sentence after a Putin-run court found him guilty of organizing and financing an extremist group.

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