Alexey Yanin died without regaining consciousness. His family experienced the pain of loss twice

Yanina Daria published their touching family photo

Yanina Daria published their touching family photo

Photo: social network

In early September Alexey Yanin, who suffered a stroke seven years ago, was “buried” by a terrible mistake. Alexei’s wife Daria was scammed by scammers over the phone. But, alas, the actor still died on September 19 in intensive care without regaining consciousness. Information about the death was confirmed by the press service of the Russian Academic Youth Theater, where Yanin once played.

Let us remind you that Alexey spent his last days in the intensive care unit of the Research Institute named after. N.V. Sklifosovsky, where he was taken in serious condition on September 1 from the medical center where he was undergoing rehabilitation. Yanin was in a coma for 20 days…

“The relatives of Alexei Yanin reported that today (September 19) Lesha passed away. Since September 2, he was in intensive care, but his heart could not stand it… For the last 8 years, our theater actor Alexey Yanin has been struggling with the consequences of a severe stroke; in March he turned only 40… Our sincere condolences to his family and friends. We mourn with you! The time and place of farewell will be announced later,” RAMT said in a statement.

Due to a monstrous mistake, the actor was already “buried” once. On September 2, Alexey’s relatives were misled by telephone scammers who introduced themselves as employees of the Research Institute named after. N.V. Sklifosovsky and reported the death of Yanin. The news immediately spread across the Internet and all media, and by the evening the deception was revealed. Alas, this time it’s for real.

“Lesha passed away today… This pain has no boundaries… Andryusha and I love you forever…” Yanina’s wife Daria wrote on social networks and published their touching family photo.

Let us remind you that in 2015 the actor suffered a stroke, from which he was never able to recover. The exact reason was never told to his relatives, but his relatives recalled that for the last year before the incident, Alexey worked literally to his limits.

The editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda offer their condolences to the family and friends of Alexei Yanin.

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