All the Excitement of Opening the Qatar 2022 World Cup

This year’s prestigious World Cup soccer event just opened on Sunday (20/11) evening. This year Qatar is hosting the grand tournament. The opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup which was held at the Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor has also caught the attention of the world community. Moreover, there were many surprises that enlivened the opening of the Qatar World Cup.

Starting from the most unexpected surprise due to the appearance of actor Morgan Freeman and the messages of peace he brought, to the appearance of a number of world-renowned figures and musicians who also stole the attention of the world community. In the following, Hipwee summarizes all the excitement at the opening of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

La’eeb the unique mascot of the 2022 Qatar World Cup stole the attention of the audience

The opening ceremony or opening ceremony for the Qatar 2022 World Cup starts at 17.30 or 21.30 WIB. The event opened with the screening of the official 2022 World Cup video which was then followed by theatrical entertainment of Arabic nuanced singing and dancing.

During the opening, the unique mascot for the 2022 Qatar World Cup was also present and caught the public’s attention. The reason is if the World Cup mascots usually carry animal themes, this time the FIFA World Football Federation actually carries a new concept. This mascot is named La’eeb, which is depicted with a white figure like a Kuffiyah or Middle Eastern head covering, but looks as if it is floating and has a cheerful expression.

FIFA doesn’t really explain the interpretation of the mascot, so it makes the public guess the meaning of La’eeb’s figure. In fact, many think that La’eeb resembles the animated ghost character Casper. How unique is this year’s World Cup mascot?

Morgan Freeman surprises the crowd at the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Almost every World Cup opening ceremony holds surprises that amaze the audience. Like the Opening of the Qatar World Cup, which presents the figure of American actor Morgan Freeman. However, the presence of the actor had drawn criticism. The reason is, Morgan Freeman was one of the figures who proposed the United States host the 2022 World Cup in 2010.

It’s no wonder that the appearance of Morgan Freeman surprised the audience. Moreover, the 85-year-old actor delivered messages of peace and unity which seemed to be the goal of the most prestigious football event.

“Football unites nations. We gather here as one great tribe and the earth is the tent in which we live,” said Morgan Freeman in his monologue.

The figure of Ghanim Al Muftah is a disabled boy who is the brand ambassador for the 2022 World Cup
Qatar World Cup 2022
Portrait of Morgan Freeman and Ghanim at the opening of the Qatar 2022 World Cup | Photo from FIFA’s Instagram

Not only was Morgan Freeman’s appearance in the spotlight, but on that occasion, the actor was accompanied by a boy who also stole the attention, namely Ghanim Al Muftah. According to CNN Indonesia, Ghanim is known to be the Brand Ambassador for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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