Atamansha Katya Guseva and Maria Zakharova in emerald shoes: what surprised the premiere of “The Bremen Town Musicians”

The premiere of the play took place at the Mossovet Theater "The Bremen Town Musicians"

The premiere of the play “The Bremen Town Musicians” took place at the Mossovet Theater

Photo: Maria REMIZOVA

The premiere of the musical play “The Bremen Town Musicians” staged by artistic director Evgeniy Marcelli took place at the Mossovet Theater. The cast is entirely stars: the star of the TV series “Brigada” Ekaterina Guseva fluttered onto the stage in the image of the eccentric Atamansha, Valery Yaremenko played the Ingenious Detective, and Neil Kropalov became the lyrical Troubadour.

Photo: Maria REMIZOVA

The performance is based on the libretto of “Troubadour and His Friends” by Vasily Livanov, Yuri Entin and music by Gennady Gladkov, which will be performed by a “live orchestra” of the Mossovet Theater. More than 40 artists are involved in the performance.

“The Town Musicians of Bremen” by Evgeniy Marcelli, who has long dreamed of staging a play for children, is a lyrical musical for the whole family, made in the good traditions of the old theater school.

Photo: Maria REMIZOVA

In the VIP parterre the artists and director applauded

Director of the Department of Information and Press of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

As always, Zakharova came out in an elegant look – a coat and jacket in the style of Coco Chanel was complemented by emerald platform shoes.

Photo: Maria REMIZOVA

The entire family of ballet legend Sergei Filin attended the premiere.

-The music is amazing and the acting was impressive. “We and the children really liked the performance,” Filina’s wife Maria Prorvich shared with KP.RU.

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