“Attijariwafa Bank” raises its profits this year to reach 5.8 billion dirhams by the end of September – Today 24

The net result of the Attijariwafa Bank Group’s share reached 5.8 billion dirhams at the end of September 2023, recording an increase of 27.4 percent, compared to the same period in 2022.

The Attijariwafa Bank Group stated, in a report on its financial indicators, that the net banking output, for its part, amounted to 12 billion dirhams at the end of last September, compared to 10.6 billion dirhams during the same period last year, that is, an increase of 13.2% in The hundred.

The same source added that customer loans and deposits rose, respectively, by 6.3 percent to 234.9 billion dirhams, and 7.9 percent to 286.1 billion dirhams.

The consolidated net banking output reached 22.3 billion dirhams, an improvement of 14.9 percent (plus 18.4 percent at a fixed exchange rate) compared to the same period last year.

The communication explained that this growth is driven by good trade dynamics in terms of saving savings and financing the economy. Thus, customer loans and deposits amounted, respectively, to 374.9 billion dirhams (plus 5 percent, or 17.72 billion dirhams) and 424.1 billion dirhams (plus 6.1 percent, or 24.52 billion dirhams).

The utilization factor improved by 2 points (minus 4 points excluding the earthquake-related donation), reaching 40.1 percent (38.4 percent excluding the earthquake-related donation), compared to 42.2 percent during the same period last year, thanks to increased control In costs.

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