Azariah takes to the streets because of the pedophile scandal – Known influencers call people to protest

With Azariah at the helm, the best-known influencers came together to demonstrate “for the protection of victims, transparency, human decency and honest social dialogue”.

Photo: Instagram/osvvath_zsolt/

We have had enough. Regardless of the sides, we consider it important to raise our voices as civil people for the sake of victim protection, transparency, human decency and honest social dialogue. We are distraught.

The events of the past few days prompted us to leave the online space together. It is very wrong that Hungarian public life consists of incitement, hatred, and character assassination. And if that wasn’t disappointing enough, it also turned out that a man who was an active facilitator of a child abuser was released on the pretext of the papal visit. He was released with a presidential pardon, received a moral certificate, and can work near children again at any time.

What happened goes beyond the person and responsibility of the former President of the Republic and the former Minister of Justice. The most vulnerable children with a tragic fate were let down by the state when it entrusted them to an abusive institution director. After the betrayal, the victims were betrayed. We would also like to express our anger, pain, and sympathy in this way.

How many more such cases are there that we don’t know about and are being kept quiet about?

Raise your voice when the voice of the victims is not heard!

Don’t turn your head when the defenseless are hurt!

Don’t be indifferent!

Let’s meet on Friday, February 16 at 18:00 at Hősök square!

– says the invitation main organizer, Zsolt Osváth on the side.

Those taking part in the demonstration: Judit Bányai (Nemakarokbeleszolni, Jólvanezígy, Focus Group), Attila Baukó Azahriah, Eszter Fancsikai (Nemakarokbeleszolni), Márton Gulyás, Ádám Nagy (Jólvanezígy, Focus Group), Edina Pottyondy, Zsolt Osváth (Zshowtime), Márton Szabó (Jólvanezígy ), Tapastó Orsi (I don’t want to interfere)

Source: Instagram/osvvath_zsolt/

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