Bears in the Amur region cannot hibernate because the weather is too warm

At the same time, according to experts, bears no longer need to eat fat for the winter. It is noted that females with cubs went into hibernation despite the abnormal heat.

According to forecasters, above-zero temperatures will remain in the Amur region in the near future. In some cities the air temperature will reach +4 °C. However, after some time, frosts down to −30 °C will come to the region.

In 2023, geneticists from Washington State University (USA) figured out how the metabolism of bears works during the months of hibernation. The study was published in the scientific journal Journal of Comparative Physiology B (JCPB).

Scientists have discovered that thousands of genes operate in the animal’s sleeping tissues, maintaining a natural energy rhythm. This means that even when a bear has entered hibernation, its body continues to operate in accordance with circadian cycles, producing more energy during the day, albeit at a reduced rate.

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