Blinovskaya’s lawyer: scammers hacked the blogger’s Telegram channel

Blinovskaya’s lawyer: scammers hacked the blogger’s Telegram channel


09.20.2023 00:21

Telegram channel Elena Blinovskayawho is accused in tax evasion in the amount of 918 million rubles, was hacked by individuals who are actively posing as a blogger and offering her training services for a fee. According to Natalia SalnikovaBlinovskaya’s lawyer, the attackers even managed to imitate Blinovskaya’s voice in audio messages.

Salnikova explained that Blinovskaya is currently not using her Telegram channel, since her phone and SIM card were seized during the investigation. However, experienced hackers have taken control of her channel and are actively using it to promote various goods and services. sometimes using fake voice messages imitating Blinovskaya.

The lawyer emphasized that none of the Telegram channels using Blinovskaya’s name and offering her services for money are in any way connected with her. The defense has repeatedly made statements about blocking the actions of the attackers, but these requests have yielded no results.

Salnikova also reported that one of the cases related to the hacking of Blinovskaya’s Telegram channel had been solved, and two individuals Danila Dokuchaev and Nikita Sudarikov were fined 100,000 rubles for their involvement in the hack. Hackers duplicated the SIM card to gain access to Blinovskaya’s channel. Blinovskaya herself did not have procedural status in this case, since the convicted hackers had already been sentenced.

Despite the problems associated with the hacking of her social media accounts, Blinovskaya’s defense continues to work on her case. She was detained in April while trying to leave Russia and has been charged with tax evasion and money laundering on a large scale.

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