Blue Macaws hatch chicks in the wild for the first time in 37 years | November 20, 2023

Blue macaws were on the verge of extinction in 2000 due to habitat disturbance and capture for captivity. After this, breeders, zoos and the Brazilian government began to make concerted efforts to restore the population.

How transmits BirdGuides website, citing the Association for the Conservation of Endangered Parrots, the program to restore the population of Cyanopsitta spixii has made significant progress. It is known that a married couple of these birds occupied the nest box and hatched two chicks.

“This is one of the artificial nests we tied high up in the Caraibeira tree. The initial clutch of eggs was infertile, but the couple’s determination prevailed and the second clutch yielded two fertilized eggs, resulting in two healthy chicks hatching,” said the manager of the Parrot Release Centre.

This is the first known case of this parrot species breeding in the wild since 1986.

Earlier it became known that the territory of New Zealand are back almost extinct parrots.

Anna Morozova

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