Breaking news November 21 | November 21, 2023

The Federal Tax Service explained the claims against bloggers as a “problem of rapid growth”
Problems large bloggers with non-payment of taxes can be explained by the fact that they “grew quickly” without switching to the use of “classical business creation models”.

Chapter Pentagon stated that the United States does not have a magic wand for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
According to Lloyd Austin, Kyiv faces an exhausting struggle.

Deposits from 1.6 million will be subject to interest tax due to the growth of key
In October, the Central Bank increased the rate to 15%, because of this the taxable sum to calculate the fee will now be 150 thousand rubles.

A military man was sentenced on Sakhalin for refusing to participate in the Military Military District
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Garrison Court admitted serviceman guilty in a criminal case of failure to comply with an order and sentenced him to almost three years in prison.

Antonov called the new US aid package to Ukraine a calming pill
The latest package of US military assistance to Kyiv has become a calming pill for the Ukrainian government, which is on the verge of complete collapse. stated Russian Ambassador to the USA.

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