Britney Spears had an affair with a criminal who washed the floors in her house

Britney Spears' ex-husband Sam Asghari accused the singer of cheating.

Britney Spears’ ex-husband Sam Asghari accused the singer of cheating.


In August, Britney Spears’ husband Sam Asghari filed for divorce 14 months after their wedding. The husband of the 41-year-old pop diva is demanding alimony from her and assures that a year of family life with the singer has become a real hell for him.

According to Sam, Britney began cheating on him a few months after the wedding: the singer got involved with the housekeeper who was responsible for cleaning their house. The actress insisted that Sam sought to control her life and conspired against her with her father Jamie Spears. However, Asgari said that he found Britney with Solis in one of the rooms of their house, and that he had video evidence of their relationship.

Later, sources close to Britney confirmed that she had indeed entered into a relationship with her housekeeper, Paul Richard Solis. The man hired himself into her service in 2022. His responsibilities included housekeeping issues: cleaning rooms, washing floors and windows, taking out trash.

And now it has become known that the man whom Britney hired to clean the house has a criminal past. He was brought to court several times for selling drugs and illegal possession of weapons. Britney does not comment on this fact. And Solis himself, in a conversation with the press, called Spears a “phenomenal” and “kind” woman.

Paul Richard Solis.  Photo: video frame.

Paul Richard Solis. Photo: video frame.

Brini’s entourage insists that the singer began dating her housekeeper after her husband filed for divorce. Like, Solis helped her get through a painful breakup with Sam. According to friends, when the artist found out about Paul’s criminal past, she immediately broke up with him. However, Sam Asghari continues to insist that Britney cheated on him, because this version is his main reason for divorce. Asgari is preparing for a court hearing and is going to demand a substantial allowance from his wife.

Before the wedding, the star’s lawyers forced Asghari to sign a prenuptial agreement, according to which he could not lay claim to his wife’s property. Britney’s lawyers decided to protect her $60 million fortune and insisted on a very tough contract. However, now, according to court documents, Asghari is asking Britney for financial support and payment for his lawyer. According to US law, a spouse with a lower income can claim alimony (even a man), and the court may well satisfy his claims.

Britney and Sam’s wedding took place on June 11, 2022. The 40-year-old bride and her 28-year-old groom said “I do” to each other in a white tent erected in the courtyard of the singer’s villa in California. Only 100 guests were present at the wedding – only the closest friends. Britney invited her brother Brian to the wedding, but did not invite either her sister Jamie Lynn or her parents, with whom she is known to have a very strained relationship. The artist and her sons Sean and Jayden did not appear at the celebration.

A few days after the wedding, Sam and Britney changed their place of residence. They moved to a new house worth 11 million dollars, which the singer bought on the eve of the wedding.

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