Buzova decided not to send her intimate photos to drunk men

“I got drunk and sent intimate videos to my ex, and the whole country saw them”: Olga Buzova announced her bad habit of sending intimate photos while drunk.

Recently, the ex-husband of a TV presenter, Dmitry Tarasov accused Buzova of treason, which, according to the 36-year-old football player, consisted of sending Dmitry Nagiev obscene photos that later ended up in the hands of journalists.

A week after the revelations of her ex-husband, with whom she had been married for almost four years, Olga Buzova admitted the mistakes of her youth and vowed to no longer send erotic content filmed while drunk, thevoicemag reports. ru

“If you get drunk, stay at home, put your phone away, hide it somewhere, turn it off, forget your password,” Buzova said.

Olga Buzova: “I’m not a whipping girl. Believe me, I can say so much about many!”

Author Andrey Kovalev

Andrey Kovalev – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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