Cars with incorrect SBCTS will be seized right on the road

Cars with incorrect SBCTS will be seized right on the road

State Traffic Inspectorate Russia has warned motorists about possible problems associated with the Vehicle Design Safety Certificate (SBCTS), which could lead to the seizure of their vehicles.

Purchasing new foreign cars through parallel imports can be a serious headache for owners. In some cases, foreign cars that do not have a properly issued SBCTS may be sent to impound lotand such a decision can be made by inspectors of the State Traffic Inspectorate right on the road.

The SBCTS is an important document issued upon import of a vehicle, and on the basis of this, a vehicle registration certificate is issued. However, sometimes errors in the SBCTS can only be identified after some time.

Fraudulent SBKTS registrations can cause a variety of problems, including delays in vehicle registration, registration of license plates, and vehicle transactions and use on the road.

Some dishonest sellers foreign cars may deliberately violate the rules when preparing documents, for example, by reducing the declared power of the vehicle. This could lead to illegal enrichment for sellers, while buyers risk facing restrictions on the use of the car in Russia.

If the SBCTS is issued incorrectly, the owner faces the risk of having the vehicle’s passport revoked, and a State Traffic Inspectorate employee can inform the owner about this situation right on the road. If violations are confirmed, the use of such a car in Russia will be forbidden.

If problems are identified with the registration of the SBCTS, the owner will have to contact an accredited testing center to obtain a new document that meets all established rules and requirements.

How to get SBCTS in Russia? Brief instructions.

Author Oleg Loginov

Oleg Loginov – student at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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