Case "Life-from-Good": the investigation has gone into a second round

Lawyers for the defendants in the so-called Life of Good case received a decisive argument to challenge the legality of extending their detention. The lawyers of all the defendants in the case associated with Life-from-Good, Hermes Management and Best Way received from the investigative group of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region a notification that a new investigative action had been appointed: additional forensic accounting examination in a criminal case. It is scheduled for November 8, the lawyers of the accused emphasize, despite the fact that the investigative actions in the criminal case were completed in June of this year. : de jure, until mid-February 2024, procedural actions continue prior to the transfer of the case to court for consideration on the merits. “But de facto the investigation continues,” say the lawyers. “We knew this before, since another, “backup” criminal case was opened on the same subjects. The investigation in the courts explained its necessity by the fact that the case against the existing accused will be brought to trial in February 2024, and in relation to some other potential accused will be continued, although it was clear that the “reserve” case is largely a camouflage for the continuation of the investigation of the “main” case, and episodes from it will be silent “have been transferred to the “main” case. Now the masks have been dropped: the examination has been appointed within the framework of the “main” case, despite the fact that the Code of Criminal Procedure is being grossly violated, since the investigation into it was completed in June.”

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