Chaliapin spoke out after discussions on the Internet about his candid photographs


09.19.2023 20:21

Prokhor Chaliapina famous Russian pop artist, continues to attract attention with his novels and scandals associated with him.

He recently experienced tragedy when his lover passed away just a month after their wedding. Prokhor Chaliapin still suffers from this loss, and this loss left a deep mark on him.

However, recent events in the artist’s life have only added to the difficulties. Some of his acquaintances expressed doubts that Tatiana Davis really passed away, reports. For example, Alexandra Rachel claims that Tatyana is alive and is in the Nizhny Novgorod region, and believes that Prokhor Chaliapin came up with this whole story. These allegations stunned the singer and he expressed his dissatisfaction with such allegations.

It should be noted that Prokhor Chaliapin recently published a shocking photo on his page on social networks. In this photo, he lies naked on the beach and shows off his figure. Even though he ignored the hateful comments of some haters for a long time, he finally spoke out on the matter. Prokhor Chaliapin believes that in modern society there is a lack of openness to sexuality and eroticism.

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