Cool & Beautiful Tourist Attractions in Tasikmalaya

Tanah Priangan always has its charm for us to visit. Apart from Garut, Sumedang, or Ciamis, there is an area called Tasikmalaya which is no less attractive. Apart from being rich in unique culinary delights – and the most famous is Mie Basonya – Tasikmalaya has destinations that can provide freshness and calm to our souls.

Topographically, Tasikmalaya is filled with hills which local people call mountains. So, don’t be surprised if you are in Tasik; there are many places or roads whose first names are mountains, such as Mount Sabeulah, Mount Horse, Mount Pompok, Mount Putri, and other mountains.

Legendary Indonesian singer Iwan Fals did not hesitate to call Tasikmalaya the City of a Thousand Hills in a tree-planting campaign 2010.

So, Hipwee Travel would like to invite you to get to know a series of tourist destinations in Tasikmalaya that you can use as a reference for your vacation.  Check them out and feel the freshness… 😀

1. Mount Galunggung

The destination that you must visit when spending your holidays in Tasikmalaya is Mount Galunggung. The mountain that once made the world go wild when it last erupted in 1982 has always been a favorite tour for all walks of life. You can find natural hot springs at the foot of the mountain, which are believed to cure many ailments.

For those of you who are curious about the shape of the former Galunggung erupting caldera, you can see it by climbing the 620 steps. The stairs that provide access to the crater rim have a unique story. That said, the number of steps is not always the same if we count. Your answer with your friend’s answer will always be different.

If you want to camp, you can do it on the crater’s edge! Because it faces east, you can also enjoy the moment the sun rises on the crater rim.

2. Situ Gede

Tasikmalaya is known to have several lakes. And one of the mainstays of the Tasikmalaya City government is Situ Gede. It is also not far from the city center, specifically in the Linggajaya Village, Mangkubumi District.

Situ Gede has beautiful views, especially in the evening before sunset. You have to feel a romantic atmosphere with your partner in this place. Even if you have, it will be more fun if you enjoy the surrounding scenery while riding a boat.

3. Dragon Village

To the west, to be precise, Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya, has a village that adheres to traditional values ​​and ancestral traditions. In the town, simple houses of bamboo and wood and roofs of nipa palm leaves are lined up beautifully. It is also located in a calm and beautiful valley.

Its name is Kampung Naga. It would be best to visit this village for those who need peace of mind from hedonistic worldly affairs. Coming to this village is like self-reflection and makes us think, “the right place for us to return to our nature as humans.”

4. Sindang Kerta Beach

For you beach lovers, Tasikmalaya also has a beach, you know. Its name is Sindang Kerta Beach. Sindang Kerta Beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations. We can bathe as much as we like on this beach.

In addition, Sindang Kerta Beach is also a turtle breeding place. There, we can see how turtles are cultivated. Sea turtle cultivation at Sindang Kerta Beach is an initiative of the local government to maintain the continuity of the habitat considered extinct.

How? If interested, don’t forget to enter this beach as a destination. I’m not sorry.

5. Cipatujah Beach

Another beach that you shouldn’t miss in Tasikmalaya is Cipatujah Beach. It’s not far from Sindang Kerta Beach. Only about 4 kilometers. The area is vast, about 115 hectares. So don’t be surprised if this beach is one of the most expansive and longest beaches located on the south coast of Java Island.

For those who like to see coral reefs and cute fish, Cipatujah Beach will be the right destination for you. In addition, if the beach is generally white sand, then this beach is different. Cipatujah has iron sand which is very good for sunbathing and relaxation.

6. KarangTawulan Beach

If previously the beach was a beach that could be used for swimming or bathing, Karangtawulan Beach only presents extraordinary natural beauty.

If you visit this beach, try to look to the east. You can find a small island called Nusa Manuk. The name Nusa Manuk is taken because the island is filled with hundreds to thousands of birds at any given time.

7. Ciparay Waterfall

Tasikmalaya is very rich with waterfall tours. And one that is a favorite of tourists is Curug Ciparay. Its beauty will fascinate us. The location of this waterfall is at the foot of Mount Galunggung, or somewhat behind the crater.

Apart from the beauty of the surrounding atmosphere, the cool water can make you feel at home for extended bathing there. Brrrr is great…

8. Jerky Waterfall

If you go to Lake, you must prepare many clothes to change. Because you definitely won’t be able to resist jumping into this one waterfall. Curug Dendeng is located quite far from the city center. It would be best if you about reached it and 30 minutes of trekking through the plantation.

Dengdeng Waterfall offers beauty that no other waterfall has. For those burdened with many things, making this waterfall a means of relaxation is very suitable. A panoramic waterfall, which has a terraced shape, can make you calm.

9. Situ Sanghiyang 

Apart from Situ Gede, you can also enjoy Situ Sanghiyang. Located 25 kilometers from the city center, the beauty of a calm and simple yet enchanting lake will provide a new experience for you. This Lake is not as busy as Situ Gede and is perfect for anyone seeking inner peace.

You can enjoy the green scenery around the Lake while boating. Don’t hesitate to greet residents who often fish or catch fish there.

10. Taraju tea garden

If Bogor has Puncak, Tasikmalaya has Taraju, which is no less attractive. For those of you who want to pamper your eyes with a vast expanse of tea plantations, this is the place. This tea plantation has an area of ​​around 2,062 hectares! Very broad, right?

For those of you who want to go to the Taraju Tea Plantation, you can use public or private transportation. The distance from the city center is quite far, but you won’t regret it if you play here. The freshness of the air and the view are second to none.

11. Melawan Cave

Tasikmalaya also has an interesting cave to visit. Melawang Cave is located in the middle of a plantation. The surrounding community has named the Malawang Cave complex uniquely, such as Malawang, Batu Masigit, Keraton, Oyod, and Gorin.

In the Melawang Cave, once found archaeological items in the form of 13 pieces of ancient pottery shards. Then the research was carried out several times by the Bandung Archaeological Center. Archaeological findings found included pottery fragments, ceramic fragments, stone tools in the form of hammers and stone axes, and animal bones.

12. Pamijahan Cave

For those who like religious tourism, there’s nothing wrong with coming to Pamijahan. Here there are natural caves and a tomb of the waliyullah who spread Islam in the past in West Java, Sheikh Abdul Muhyi.

On certain days, you can find tens to hundreds of vehicles carrying thousands of people who want to make pilgrimages. One story that attracts attention and makes many people curious is Pamijahan Cave. According to residents, Pamijahan Cave has a narrow passage that can lead one to Mecca.

In addition, Gua Pamijahan has round indentations on the cave roof that resemble skullcaps. That said, if there is a curve that fits the visitor’s head, a curve the pilgrimage to the holy. How? Interested in trying it?

13. Manonjaya Great Mosque

Apart from Pamijahan, don’t forget to visit the legendary mosque in Manonjaya for those who like history. It’s not too far from the city center, only about 12 km.

This mosque is believed by the local community to have been built since 1832 and finished in 1837. When the Sukin Kingdom still existed and was still led by Raden Tumenggung Danuningrat. This mosque is a witness to the beginning of the founding of Tasikmalaya.

Those are a series of tourist attractions in Tasikmalaya that can be your reference. It seems that Tasikmalaya still has many beautiful places hidden in it. If you have other favorite tourist destinations in Tasikmalaya, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments column.

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