Details of interception of Ukrainian Armed Forces UAV over Bryansk region revealed


21.11.2023 07:32

Russian air defense systems intercepted Ukrainian drone over the Bryansk region.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) attempted to attack the Bryansk region using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at approximately 06:00 Moscow time. It is noted that Ukrainian troops used an aircraft-type drone.

As the department explained, negative consequences were avoided, since air defense systems successfully intercepted the Ukrainian Armed Forces drone.

On November 20, the Ukrainian army also attempted to attack the Bryansk region using a UAV. However, at about 21:30, the air defense systems of the Russian Armed Forces hit an enemy drone.

Author Yulia Milenina

Yulia Milenina is a correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service.

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