Dmitry Malikov told what surprise he was preparing for Alexander Petrov’s wedding


21.11.2023 20:50

Actor Alexander Petrov And Victoria Antonova, who legalized their marriage in early September, will celebrate the celebration on November 25. The date, by the way, was confirmed by Super. ru mothers of newlyweds. Stars of Russian show business will come to congratulate Petrov. Singer Dmitry Malikov – among them.

It is unknown how close the artists are as friends. However, Dmitry knows that one of Sasha Petrov’s favorite songs is “You’ll Never Be Mine.” It was from her, the singer told Channel Five, that his creative career once began.

“I would surprise Sasha and sing this song,” Dmitry admitted.

Dmitry Malikov – You will never be mine

Author Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

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