Doctors point to an “inexplicable” sensation that occurs before a heart attack

If a person has elevated levels cholesterol or blood sugar, and also have problems with excess weight and bad habits, you should pay attention to the appearance of a number of “harmless” symptoms that may indicate serious problems with the body. This is reported by Pronews with reference to experts from Harvard Medical School.

Doctors note that “attacks” of fatigue can be one of the warning symptoms of coronary heart disease. Burning, heaviness, squeezing, when there is a real risk of developing a heart attack, do not necessarily appear in the chest area. Many people may also experience discomfort in the arms, shoulders and jaw. Some may experience discomfort in the abdomen.

Edema is often a signal of problems with the cardiovascular system. So, if bags under the eyes are not a sign of heart failure (in the case when a person does not have other edema), symmetrical swelling of the legs is a reason to pay attention to the condition of the heart. Edema associated with the heart and blood vessels is progressively increasing and most often begins at the ankles and spreads up the legs.

Prevention of heart attack

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