Employees of striking groups criticize cuts in their wages – Today 24

Employees of the territorial groups and the delegated management (the Moroccan Labor Union) criticized the deduction from the wages of the strikers, considering it an “illegal measure.”

The National Authority told the employees of the territorial groups and the delegated administration that deducting the wages of the strikers is an illegal measure, considering that the strike is a constitutional right.

She added that this measure will not discourage the strikers from “continuing their struggle,” but rather “will only encourage them to escalate their steps.”

The union also called for the largest participation in the national strike on December 6 and 7, 2023.
Accompanied by a sit-in by the National Administrative Committee in front of the headquarters of the General Directorate on December 6th.
This escalation comes “as a result of the continued suffering, the accumulation of problems, and the collapse of the purchasing power of the employees of the groups and the delegated administration due to the skyrocketing prices, the freezing of wages, and the burdening of tasks on their shoulders without any incentives.”

She denounced the Ministry of the Interior’s continued “closing the doors to sectoral dialogue, in contrast to the rest of the ministerial sectors, to leave the file of certificate and diploma holders who are not included in the appropriate ranks, the file of graduates of administrative training centers, and other files,” and “removing the basic system for human resources in territorial groups without resolution.” All pending administrative files and situations will be delivered through a legal text instead of a decree.”

The union highlighted “the continued suffering of several male and female employees with regard to their overdue entitlements, the failure to implement judicial rulings in favor of employees and the procrastination in doing so, in addition to the failure to activate regional committees to resolve disputes related to human resources in territorial communities, in addition to the continued suffering of delegated management workers and recovery workers and workers.” National and casual workers

Employees of the regional councils, workers’ councils, and regions in all territorial groups went on a 48-hour national strike on November 8 and 9, 2023, accompanied by a sit-in at the university office in front of the headquarters of the General Directorate on November 8 of this month.

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