Endocrinologist Goncharova: 85-95% of people have vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for our body. It plays a role in regulating calcium and phosphorus levels, supporting bone and immune system health, and promoting normal muscle and cardiovascular function.

“The vitamin undergoes complex biotransformation in the human body. Vitamin D deficiency occurs in almost 85-95% of the adult population of the Russian Federation and is a fairly serious problem. Therefore, the only option is to take forms of vitamin D tablets or in the form of drops, both mono- and as microelement complexes. Adequate vitamin D levels should be between 30 and 100 international units. The average value should be 60,” said Doctor of Medical Sciences and endocrinologist Anna Goncharova.

The expert also noted that a lack of vitamin D leads to serious problems, for example, rickets, which affects both adults and children. In adults, this disease can manifest itself as thinning and hair loss, night sweats, depletion of tooth enamel with aggressive caries, periodontitis, muscle weakness, depression and many other factors. Therefore, only vitamin D in the right doses can solve these problems.

“Fish and dairy products are common vitamin D. And in order for it to become the active form of vitamin D3, it must undergo biotransformation: first into vitamin D2, and then into vitamin D3 directly by the kidneys. First in the kidneys, and then under the influence of sunlight – in the skin. We lose the last pathway of biotransformation of vitamin D3 under the influence of ultraviolet radiation from the skin. We don’t sunbathe, we don’t walk in the sun. But there is no ultraviolet radiation in the room,” the specialist shared.

Author Larisa Sokolova

Larisa Sokolova – journalist, correspondent-interviewer for Pravda.Ru

Specialist Balura Elena

The doctor sees a urologist-andrologist (treatment of prostatitis, infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, kidneys, urolithiasis) and an appointment with a dermatovenerologist (treatment of STDs, skin and venereal diseases, dermatitis, etc.)

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