Exports of Moroccan products amounted to 420 billion dirhams and multiplied 6 times in 24 years – Today 24

Riad Mazour, Minister of Industry and Trade, said that the competitiveness of foreign trade has reached a global level, as Morocco exports 420 billion dirhams of products, making “the value of our product exports multiply 6 times in the last 24 years.”
Mazour revealed, during the oral questions session in the House of Representatives, today, Monday, that work must be done to “download the investment charter and enact investment policies that enhance economic dynamism in Moroccan cities,” noting that there are 6,000 exporters in total who export their products abroad, 4,000 of them directly. regular.
The same spokesman said that diversifying the countries to which exports are made has become an urgent need, as great focus is placed in particular on the countries of the southern Mediterranean, especially France and Spain, but it is necessary to open up to other markets such as the American market and others, recalling “the invitation of His Majesty the King.” “To create economic and commercial dynamism along the Atlantic coast.”

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