Fan fiction about SHAMAN: fans shared details

Russian singer SHAMAN, at the peak of his popularity, won a huge army of fans. His admirers not only actively attend his concerts, but also get creatively inspired by creating stories about the artist.

Fanfiction about Yaroslav Dronov can be divided into three main categories:

  • The first group of stories focuses on the artist’s studies and the beginning of his musical career.
  • The second describes concert activities and mythical romances with fans.
  • The third category of fanfiction is dedicated to marriage with Elena Martynova.

Many stories describe the artist’s fictional romantic relationships with his listeners. Authors most often portray the singer as a person with a subtle mental organization, which he hides behind his public mask, reports MSK1.RU.

One of the fan fiction creators said that she is inspired by Dronov’s talent. She admits that the artist’s musical melodies and lyrics touch her soul.

Previously reportedthat SHAMAN revealed details of his relationship with his wife.

SHAMAN – I AM RUSSIAN (music and lyrics: SHAMAN)

Author Oleg Loginov

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