Fidelitas held a campaign at former State Secretary Ferenc Gyurcsány

He held a promotion at the law office of Csaba Tordai Fidelitas. According to the youth organization of Fidesz, Csaba Tordai Ferenc Gyurcsány, former state secretary and now mayor Gergely Karácsony’s advisor and chief confidant, may have played a key role in the 526 million foreign campaign financing scandal of the 99 Movement.

According to the video sent to MTI on Tuesday, Fidelitas was campaigning in front of the law office, where the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) conducted a house search in the past few days.

Zsolt Renge, president of the Budapest organization of Fidelitas, said in the video: for months they have been trying to get Gergely Karácsony to tell him where the HUF 526 million that “landed” on the account of the 99 Movement came from.

This is the more than half a billion that was found in the alleged fundraising chests. You know, these are the pounds and euros of the same denomination, wrinkle-free, consecutively numbered, which we are supposed to believe were stuffed in bundles into the openings of plexiglass boxes by aunts and uncles who support the left on the streets of Budapest.

– said Zsolt Renge.

He added that in the office located at 4 Vécsey utca – which belongs to Csaba Tordai, who reviews all documents in the capital before they are signed by the mayor – a house search was conducted in the presence of the NAV investigative prosecutor.

In Hungarian, what happened here is just the usual dollar story: Gyurcsány’s men are mucking about around Christmas (…), and this case is far from over

– said the president of Fidelitas in Budapest in the video.

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