FIFA Presses Israel Sanctions After Dropping Sanctions For Russia

Netizens asked the Federation International de Football Association, or FIFA for short, to give a similar punishment to Israel as happened to Russia after it was removed from the 2022 World Cup and teams from Russia were banned from competing in the European arena.

Quoted from CNN Indonesia, the statement came from the legendary former Egyptian national team player, Mohamed Aboutrika. Through his Twitter account, Aboutrika considers that FIFA uses double standards in giving a warning to Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.

Aboutrika thinks FIFA uses double standards in giving punishments

As quoted from Record via CNN Indonesia, Aboutrika considers that the decision to the sentence was not balanced with punishment for those affiliated with Israel.

“The decision to punish Russian clubs and teams of all competitions must be accompanied by punishments against those affiliated with Israel,” said Aboutrika.

Apart from that, Aboutrika also considers that FIFA uses double standards in setting penalties for Russia.

“Israel is a country that has been killing children and women in Palestine for years. They (FIFA) use double standards,” added Aboutrika.

Apart from athletes, similar remarks also came from netizens who called for the world’s highest football organization to impose the same punishment on Israel and teams from Israel. This appeal can be seen from the many memes circulating on the internet that satirizes the double standards carried out by FIFA.

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Russia cannot compete in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Still reported by CNN Indonesia, FIFA imposed a severe penalty on Russia which resulted in Russia not being able to show off at the 2022 World Cup which took place in Qatar.

Apart from FIFA, the institution that sanctions Russia is UEFA or the Union of European Football Association. As a result, both men’s and women’s football originating in Russia were unable to appear in all FIFA and UEFA competitions.

This decision received various responses from netizens. Some agreed, but not a few were disappointed because they thought FIFA had mixed politics and football. Especially when FIFA and UEFA have never issued the same punishment for Israel, of course, it’s no wonder that many netizens think FIFA and UEFA have double standards.

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