fire, grief, and a wave of support from stars and banks

The horror of the terrorist attack in Crocus: fire, grief, and a wave of support from stars and banks


03/25/2024 16:10

On the evening of March 22, there was a terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, after which the building suffered a fire, which was localized only five hours later.

The estimated damage amounted to about 9.5-11.4 billion rubles. The owners of the building, Araz and Emin Agalarov, expressed condolences to the victims. Townspeople lined up to donate blood and lay flowers to the dead. Stars, including Dima

Maslennikov and Yegor Creed, transferred money to the victims, and Russian banks expressed their readiness to write off loan debts to the dead and injured. March 24 has been declared a national day of mourning, and people continue to bring flowers and support to the destroyed building. At the time of the latest data, the number of victims reached 154 people, and search and rescue efforts continue.

Author Daniil Polonikov

Daniil Sergeevich Polonikov (December 19, 2003, Ivanovo) – student at the Higher School of Economics, freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru.

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