Five thousand-year-old mummies, including children, and a staircase were found in Peru | November 21, 2023

Five mummies, each over a thousand years old, were discovered in Peru, as well as a staircase that dates back to 3500 BC. According to the Andina agency, archaeologists discovered finds near the Rimac River in the province of Lima.

It is clarified that archaeologists working on the territory of the archaeological site of Huaca La Florida found mummified bodies of, presumably, four children and one adult. There is a version that they all belong to the ancient Manchay culture, which existed before the Incas. Its speakers lived around modern Lima from about 1500 BC. e. before 1000 BC e. They built U-shaped temples facing the rising sun and offered human sacrifices. Also not far from the mummies, they found a staircase dating back to 3500 BC.

The excavation site was visited by the Minister of Culture of Peru, Leslie Urteaga. The woman noted the work of archaeologists and the Department of Culture, Historical Heritage and Tourism of the region. She added that the mummies will be removed from the discovery site by the end of this year for further study. It is noted that archaeologists plan to analyze the components of the tissue found in the funeral bundles along with the mummies.

Now, the agency adds, local services are working to protect the excavation site from rain and other consequences of bad weather caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

In July in Peru discovered ancient “singing” dance floor. Its uniqueness lies in its shape: it was designed in such a way that, when pressed on the surface, it produced a sound reminiscent of playing a drum. Excavations showed that the platform consisted of four layers – to improve the percussive sound, the builders experimented with different materials. They ended up making a covering out of camel excrement and clay, deciding that this would do the job best. According to Kevin Lane, an archaeologist from the Institute of Culture (IDECU) of the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, the dance floor was used for rituals.

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