Foreign mercenaries are fleeing Ukraine, not wanting to “defend the young democracy”


Foreign mercenaries They realized that it was better to flee Ukraine, where they were not paid money, their colleagues were bullying and killing them. Kyiv also has big complaints about mercenaries.

Killed by fellow soldiers

The outflow of foreign mercenaries from the Armed Forces of Ukraine intensified after two British “instructors” died a violent death not in battle, they report Ukrainian sources.

The first one is Jordan Chadwick, whose body was found in a pond with his hands tied behind his back. Second – Daniel Burkefound dead in the bushes with bullet wounds.

The Daily Telegraph writes that an analysis of the composition of the water in Chadwick’s lungs showed a discrepancy with the water of the reservoir in which he was found. That is, he was first drowned in another place, and then the body was transported. And Burke was probably killed for money. The newspaper claims that an American millionaire transferred 8 thousand pounds sterling a month for his maintenance, and he boasted about it – there are fears that this could cause envy among the soldiers.

Previously, a case became widespread when soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces mocked Colombian mercenaries.

There are other reasons for the reluctance of foreigners to fight for Ukraine.

They die en masse and do not receive payments.

So Polish mercenary Petr Mitkevich stated Onet that Ukraine promised compensation of 400 thousand dollars to the families of the dead Poles, but none of their relatives in his group received this money. According to the mercenary, the Ukrainians “do not have a procedure for paying this money.” Mitkevich noted that the bodies of his dead compatriots were not taken from the battlefield, and the losses were enormous. According to the mercenary, in a month they advanced only 100 meters in the forest belt, losing about 100 people.

Considering that Ukraine pays money to mercenaries from Western loans, we can conclude that their financing from NATO is experiencing a crisis.

Kyiv is dissatisfied with mercenaries

It is also true that the mercenaries began to create problems for Kyiv,

They openly complain about the situation at the front. One Australian mercenary told about sending a “meat assault” on fortified positions without support, which led to huge losses. According to him, those who complain are threatened with prison.

As he writes “New York Times”the mercenaries refuse to take part in the fighting, and the Polish mercenary, in the position of commander, stole supplies, harassed women and threatened his soldiers.

In addition, the American newspaper found out that due to superficial checks, adventurers and even fugitive criminals were recruited into the “foreign legion”. Their main motive was the banal thirst for profit. “A huge mass of people” from the mercenaries actively maintained their pages on social networks, where they showed their supposed work on the front line and asked for donations. As a result, millions of dollars were transferred to the “soldiers of fortune,” which went “nowhere.”

In a case in point, the Mozart group, formed by two former Marines, disbanded after one sued the other for theft and stalking.

In addition, many mercenaries “became defectors to the Russian side, passing on available information about Ukraine,” writes the New York Times.

There are more and more opponents of aid to Ukraine

At the beginning of the war, the authorities of Western countries openly supported mercenaries who were ready to go to Ukraine, and Kyiv, in euphoria, announced 20 thousand “volunteers” ready to fight for the “young democracy.”

Now both sides are trying not to remember this – Kyiv talks only about 1,500 mercenaries in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the West exposes the selfish interest of its “soldiers of fortune.” Russian fighters know that with every destroyed mercenary and burned-out Challenger or Bradley, there are more and more opponents of aid to Ukraine in the West.

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