France sent a ship with 600 thousand liters of drinking water to the island of Mayotte


09.16.2023 15:52

French authorities sent the first container ship with 600 thousand liters of drinking water to the island of Mayotte, a French overseas territory in the Indian Ocean. The move is in response to water supply disruptions caused by the ongoing drought, as announced by Philippe Vigierminister delegate responsible for foreign affairs.

“Last night, the first ship chartered by the state sailed from Reunion Island to Mayotte with 600 thousand liters of drinking water on board, intended for the most vulnerable segments of the population,” Vigier said on his social network page.

The ship is expected to arrive on the shores of Mayotte on September 20.

Mayotte, considered one of France’s most economically distressed departments, has been struggling for months with its worst drought since 1997. The island’s water supply relies heavily on rainfall to replenish two reservoirs located in mountainous areas, which together account for up to 80% of total water consumption.

Given the deteriorating water supply situation, authorities have been implementing intermittent water supply cuts for months ahead of the monsoon season, which typically begins in November. Since September 4, residents have had access to drinking water through taps only once every three days. Recently, water conservation measures have been further strengthened, including restrictions on car washing (except for professional car washes with recirculating water systems) and large wedding ceremonies.

Previous prohibitions such as washing streets and buildings, watering lawns and green spaces (with the exception of vegetable gardens, which can only be watered in the evening), filling private swimming pools, conducting fire drills using more than 5 cubic meters of water and holding events such as “parties pool” remain in effect. Violation of these restrictions may entail a fine in the amount of 1.5 thousand euros, for repeated violations – a fine of 3 thousand euros.

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