FT learned of EU plans to restrict the movement of Russian diplomats | November 21, 2023

As the newspaper writes, the Czech Republic proposes to issue visas and residence permits to Russian diplomats so that they remain within only one country and cannot move freely throughout the European Union. Representatives of the country also want only biometric passports to be accepted from diplomats from Russia, since they are more difficult to forge.

The FT’s interlocutor explained the proposal by saying that “agents of the GRU and other services are arriving on the territory of the Czech Republic.” The discussion, as the newspaper clarifies, is at an early stage, and the proposed restrictions most likely will not be introduced in the next package of sanctions.

According to media reports, as part of the 12th package of sanctions, the European Union plans give up Russian diamonds. The proposed version of restrictions, if adopted, will be more stringent than those of the United States, since EU has traditionally been an important market for ALROSA. According to EUobserver, the ban on diamond imports from Russia will affect jewelry containing diamonds and pearls, including wristwatches.

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