German Gref discovered “Dragon” in Altai

German Gref at the opening of Dasha Namdakov's exhibition.

German Gref at the opening of Dasha Namdakov’s exhibition.

The vernissage is called “Transformation” (it will run until December 10) and it presents thirteen works by Dasha Namdakov. The central figure is the “Dragon”. Dashi prepared this work for the Italian Biennale. But due to international sanctions and complex logistics, the trip to Italy did not take place. But the talented sculpture was welcomed in Altai, in the new five-star Sberbank hotel “Manzherok”.

The resort has become not only a center for active sports and recreation, but there are plans to create a modern multicultural space here. Dasha Namdakov’s exhibition is the first sign in this direction.

The vernissage was opened by the head of Sberbank, German Gref.

– Dashi Namdakov is an extraordinary, original artist. He feels the energy of Altai. What he does is truly a miracle.

We will develop this direction,” said German Gref at the opening.

The name of Dasha Namdakov is not as well known to the average person as, for example, the name of Zurab Tsereteli.

Despite the fact that he is well known abroad. He was received by Elizabeth II. After lunch with the Queen, his monumental sculptures adorned the streets of London. He was visiting the family of Hollywood star Uma Thurman, because he is friends with her father, the head of the Tibet House, Robert Thurman.

At the beginning of the 2000s there was an exhibition by Dasha Namdakov in Moscow. And in the Hermitage. His works are kept in many central Russian museums. In the State Historical Museum – on permanent exhibition. The Manzherok resort is a great place to popularize art. Thousands of vacationers from all over the country come here. When the eye is pleased not only by the fabulous nature of Altai, but also by the original hand-made works of artists – this is harmony.

Photo: Courtesy of “KP”

It is worth recalling that Dashi Namdakov is an artist and jeweler, a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts. His work is distinguished by oriental flavor.

He is the author of such monumental sculptural complexes as “Centre of Asia” in Tuva, “Khanshaim” in Kazakhstan, “Keeper” and “Kazan” in Tatarstan, “Golden Shoria” in the Kemerovo region.

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